Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Catching Up

So it's now December 7th. Time is going fast- which is a great thing at this point. Lets catch up to the present day. We have about 3 weeks from today and training is done. Geez-3 weeks, it still is so far away. From October till now there has been tons of training. The 3 weeks at Fort Dix was pretty fun. We did all kinds of great training exercises. Our unit bonded pretty well. For me it was the first time I met everyone, and it was interesting to see some of the personalities we have in the 211th.

My first day...

I came in Sunday night and I had missed the great combatives training that everyone else did that day. It took forever to get from the airport to the barracks. I stepped out of the van to this woman who said, "you must be Specialist Anderson." She was right and I was right in assuming that she was Major Daneker. I got a warm welcome from everyone that night, but I didn't know exactly what kind of unit I was getting myself into.

The 211th...

It didn't take long for me to start feeling like family. The members of the 211th sure have personality. I don't know if it's a public affairs thing or it's just this unit, but the humor and crazy things that take place are just unexplainable. The first person I met was Major Daneker. She is definitely thing ring leader of this crazy bunch. Definitely a Public affairs Officer. Very outgoing and my favorite part is that she's a Green Bay Packers fan...oh and loves Brett Favre. The next person that was waiting in line for my arrival was Sergeant Ebel. He was wearing a Tennessee Titans jersey and was very willing to help me carry my bags. I didn't really know what a crazy kid this guy was at that just moment. I got to meet the real Ebel as the weeks went on though. Lets just say he definitely brought some life to the show. Once I journeyed upstairs to my barracks room I met my roommate for those 3 weeks. Spc. Louge! I think by the time I got there she was already getting ready for bed so we didn't get much talking in that night. I found out later thought that her and I share common interests and we both were R's.

The next day was time for me to meet the rest of the crew. I don't what we exactly did that day, but it was a day to learn what kind of people I was deploying with. Lets see...I go from the top down. Since I've already mentioned Major Daneker that leads me to 1Lt Sarratt. Can we say Pre-historic era?? He is the oldest member in the unit and everyone makes fun of him for it. If you didn't catch my last blog, that's what he looks like or fairly similar to. Overall a pretty good fatherly figure. Then there is 1Lt, newly promoted, Almodovar. Her and I have a commonality of both being married to another service member. Mostly a quiet member, but very very nice. I know if I have a problem I can come to her for advice. Next in line would be Top- First Sergeant Martinez. This guy is always laughing about something...good person to make you smile when you're down. The two NCOIC's are quite nutty...Sergeant First class Burke can be spastastik at times. He's a high school teacher so he has to entertain the younger kids. Sergeant First class Quebec is also pretty crazy at times. He reminds me of a cartoon character but I can't recall what one. Staff Sergeant Burrell came to meet up with the unit that day. He like myself was called at the last minute to fill some slots for the 211th. Lets see...how do I describe SSG Burrel?? I don't know if there really is a way to describe him, or even most of the guys in the unit. They all have a way of making life a bit more interesting. I guess they're those people that you just have to meet in order to really know what they're like. Next is SSG Ford- my navigation partner. SSG Ford is also pretty funny, but usually in a different manner than the rest of the guys. He is always volunteering to help in anyway possible, which at his level you don't always see. Hmm..then there is Sgt Taylor. I will admit, in the beginning I was very troubled by this man. His voice! It's pretty scary. Let along he's a big guy. Now I don't find Sgt Taylor as scary as he looks. Sgt Risner- total musician, very laid back guy. I came to find out that he was deployed with my husband's NCOIC back in 03'-04'. Public affairs is such a small world. Next is Sgt Heise. She's the top of the Romeos. She definitely is another one of those people that I can turn to when I'm in need of someone to talk to. She may be quiet most of the time but she definitely has some stories to tell. Sgt Zoeller, or referred to Mr. Zoeller back in Bryan, didn't really show all of his colors back in Fort Dix. I didn't really get to see the real Zoeller till we got back to Bryan and he had tons of work to do. I guess you don't always see what people can produce until they're under pressure. Last of the clan are the specialists. Specialist Fardette- awesome friend! Very spiritual man and always there for support. The man is from Hawaii, what else do I have to say! Specialist Logue I already mentioned as my roommate at Fort Dix. She seems definitely like a go-getter. She's told me of all her stories from Kosovo and Germany and the many things she did while she was there. Specialist Alperin is next in line. I just have to say this man makes everyone laugh, sometimes with him and sometimes at him. Everything is all in fun of course. I do have a list of quotes that he has said...they will be posted in what I call "Alerpinisms"; with good intentions right Alperin? The last of the totem pole is Pfc, newly promoted Specialist Mitchell. Mitchell is the Major's right hand man. He's always running around with his head cut off, or so what it seems. Mitchell is, or was the guide-on bearer for the 211th. Unfortunately he is not deploying with us anymore due to an injury. Mitchell is not the only one the 211th has lost in pre-mobilization. Another unfortunate loss is Sgt Ebel. He really was the guy I went to with all my concerns. Him and I seemed to have the most in common and therefore seemed to get along the best. He left us before we came back to Bryan.

There are three soldiers that joined us after being at Fort Dix. 2Lt Douglas, Pfc Johnson, and Spc Soles. The Lt and Johnson came to us right after we got back to Bryan. Spc Soles came about a week after; he is Sgt Ebel's replacement. All three of them are pretty cool people. They add to the craziness of the 211th.

So it's now December 20th and we have about three days left till civilization. I can't wait to get home to my hubby!

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