Monday, November 24, 2008

From the Beginning

So today Top showed me how to get on this thing...Its pretty cool that all the world is now able to see what is on my mind. Lets see...where do I begin?? Well lets start off by saying that I'm not one to be formal when typing my if you're reading this and you see some typos or bad grammar...well that's just the way I type I guess.


Thursday October 17th I was at work-Best Buy that is...when one of my co-workers said I had a phone call from my husband. Out of all the days in the year, this was not the best day to leave my cell phone at home...what did I do- I left it at home. So I call my husband to see what's up. I figured it was pretty important seeing he was calling me at work. He said that my commander from the 318th had called him trying to get ahold of me. He said it was imperative that I return his call as soon as possible...or so we would say in the army ASAP.

"Are you sitting down" Capt. Jenkins said. I was and that I was curious to know what this was all about...

Let me take you back a bit...The Saturday that was coming up I was suppose to be leaving for Ft. Lewis with the 318th. We were going to be doing some annual training there for two weeks. I figured seeing that this was all suppose to be taking place that this phone call might be something about our training....It totally wasn't!!

"You're getting deployed..." It was like in slow motion that I was hearing these words. "Wait, what? How? With the 318th? I thought we weren't getting deployed till 2010? He told me that the reserves had pulled me out of the unit to join up with the 211th who were deploying in the near future. Yeah I cried, it was like my stomach had dropped to the floor. I told my manager that I was going to be able to go back to work that day and most likely I really wasn't going to be back to work for awhile.

The feelings and emotions that were going through me I can't explain.

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