Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Back home at last. So far it's been pretty laxed here in Killeen...until today. Jason and I went to Wal-mart to get some Christmas dinner items earlier this afternoon. On our return home...barely 2 minutes out of the parking lot we got hit by a truck. The funny and ironic thing is is that I was thinking about someone pulling out in front of me while driving right before it happened. It's almost like I had spidey sense, but didn't move on it. Well thank God neither one of us got hurt. Yes of course a little shaken up, but we are fine. The car on the other hand is not so great. If we would've been driving down that road just a couple seconds later- the truck would of hit my door and not the vacant back seat. Unfortunately Texas is a no-fault state....which means that no matter who's at fault, both vehicles pay for their own damage. What a crappy idea- I think. I mean the whole idea behind driving is being safe and not getting to an accident. And so if you go ahead and cause an accident shouldn't you have to pay for it? I guess in a way when both vehicles have to pay their own its a good thing when you're at fault. And it might be a learning lesson for those without insurance. But overall, coming from a state where you pay if you did it, I believe the one responsible should have to pay at least some of the damage, if not all.

Getting back to what's important...

Besides that....Christmas is just around the...well tomorrow!! Jason and I have been spending time sitting and relaxing at home. We don't have any major plans for today or tomorrow besides making ourselves a divine Christmas dinner. We bought each other a few things that have been rapped and put under the tree...but really this year isn't what I had in mind for our first true Christmas together. Because we're both deploying soon there really was no reason for either us to buy anything big. It would just be put in storage anyway. Mostly our gifts rap around our deployment and the little things we need and want for our trip overseas.

Calls to home...

You know that with the holidays there are those very important phone calls you must make. I'm talking about those that are to your loved ones back home, or wherever they may be. I'm sure most of you talk to your family on a regular basis. But sometimes negative relationships can keep us from talking to those who mean the most to us. It of course is the worst feeling in the world to not be able to talk to someone you love, especially during this time of year. I would encourage everyone to make an attempt to mend those gaps with family or friends. But I would greatly encourage those of us deploying to do this as soon as possible. I made a call home today to someone that I've been very distant with for the last couple of months. Once we talked about the things that mattered we were relieved to know that through all the stupid things that were keeping us apart, we still cared about each other. Isn't that what matters? Being the holiday season, take this time to share how you feel with those you love the most.

7 Pounds

Yesterday Jason and I went to go see the new movie 7 Pounds. I was curious and hesitant about seeing it because I don't even remember seeing a preview for it and didn't know what it was about. A couple people from the 211th were talking about it and they also said that it seemed that there weren't many previews for the movie. From what I heard it almost sounding like Will Smith's character was being kept a secret. Because of that a lot of people were saying that they figured his character would be a bad guy role. Of course I'm not going to ruin the movie for everyone so all I am going to say is- go see may seem quite weird and confusing for most of the movie, but its good. I also will say that I have never seen my husband cry and well this movie did it for him...(don't worry hunny I know you just had some dust in your eye ;) ...) So in saying that you should have a good idea that it really is a good movie. Go see it and find out for yourself.


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1SG Martinez said...

Glad you both safe and healthy. Develop that Spidey sense and pass along your hunches to the rest of us.

Let Jason know that even your 1SG has been caught crying every once in a while. It's okay to cry. Just no sobbing.

Have a great Christmas!