Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bringing in the new year

Tonight is that night that everyone my age usually looks forward to. Going out to the bars...getting the new years kiss from some random hot guy, or girl whatever happens...and of course the dreaded next morning. But this year I've decided to take a different approach to celebrating the new year. My husband and I are spending tonight at home eating finger food and sipping on our own home made concoctions. We also have a guest staying with us who arrived yesterday. His name is Josh and he is Jason's childhood best friend. So far our night has consisted of stabbing away at the munchies and playing video games...not really my cup of tea as far as the games go, but it's not killing me...yet. Anywho we plan on watching the ball drop and staying up late. So that's when I say...HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!

A random thought...

You ever go to the movies, sit down, and find yourself asking why you ever come to these things? I do every time I go to see a new flick. Why you might ask? It seems as though I always incur some kind of annoyance every time I see a new movie. Here is my biggest peeve...So you get to the movie early so you can get that best spot- lowest row on the higher level, right in the middle so you can put your feet up on the find yourself all comfy cozy in your set with whoever you're sitting with and the rest of the entire place is empty. The next group of people walk in to find every seat open except for the two that my husband and I are sitting in....what do they do next? SIT DIRECTLY NEXT TO US, NO SPACE OR NOTHING! Then the next group of people come in...where do they sit? DIRECTLY NEXT TO US ON THE OTHER SIDE! I mean what is the deal here people?? Don't you know the unwritten rule? It's like the rule about the public bathroom stalls. The rule where if there are three stalls and the one on the right is being used you walk to the one on the left, not the one in the middle...due to the unwritten rule where you're never suppose to choose the stall directly next to a stall that is being used. Well the movie seating thing is simply the same concept. There are other little peeves that get me in a movie theatre, but for another time, another day.

Car update...

Well the car is in the shop finally...thank God! One less thing I need to be worrying about right now. We got a rental car in the mean time. Ironically it's the same rental car I got last time my car got hit. Chevy Cobalt's seem to be the popular rental these days. They said the car probably wouldn't be done until after I'm gone, but Jason's still here to take care of things. Strange thing though, is that the damage estimate from the insurance company stated it was only going to be $1,500...but I find that hard to believe since the last time my car was hit it was $1,300 and it wasn't anywhere near the damage as this reck. So who knows how much they're going to have to pay in the end. And why should I care seeing I'm not paying anything for this.

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