Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's come down to the last two days here in Bryan, TX. Tomorrow we will be on our way back home to see our family for the last time before departure. I can't wait to see Jason and I'm sad that I'll only get to spend two weeks with him. Time has gone by fast, and it just seems to be going faster as the date gets closer. I just hope that these next two weeks go in slow motion. I've been keeping in touch with a buddy of mine who I went to school with in Maryland. He is also deploying around the same time we are and has already gone through the pre-mob station at Fort Dix. He should be not too far away when we get there so hopefully I'll get to see him in country. Anyway...he said that the training that they have gone through has been mostly admin stuff, but then I've heard stories of people getting hypothermia while on the range because it's so cold there. I'm not looking forward to that part for sure. What I am looking forward to though is spending time our (Jason and I) first Christmas together. It seems as though he has already thought out all the things he wants to do when I get home...he says he has surprises for me...I can't wait.

Leaving the E-Z

It'll be hard to leave that place called the E-Z. We've lived there now for a month and a half. It sure is going to be hard to have to make my own bed when I get home. Unfortunately I still have to pack tonight. I have a lot of crap there at the E-Z that has accumulated over this last month and a half. So it will probably take awhile to pack up tonight. And in lieu of that....bon voyage!!

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