Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Terms with Reality

Today is reality. You ever have one of those things that you talk about, you prepare for, but it feels like it's all just a dream- like it's not really happening...or at least you try to tell yourself its not happening? Today is when I wake up and realize it's not a dream, my dream is reality and I have to face it straight in the eye. I never knew how I'd feel today when I woke up. It was one of those dreams that you wake up from in the middle of the night/morning and say "I have to write that one down!"

Today is one of those days that you listen to the music that makes you reflect on life. What have I done in this world so far? What do I do everyday to fulfill what I've been made for? What do we do everyday in this world to fulfill what we were made for? Today is one of those days you try to mentally recreate images of family, friends, things that mean the most to you....who knows- your car, your dog, a grungy pair of sweets that you wish you could be wearing...things keep flashing in your mental photo album.

Today is one of those days that would just go by without knowing it was even there...it's one of those days you wish would fly by super fast. In saying that I was told that I had to give a shout out to my family...So Mom- I love you and don't worry about me too much and happy Birthday...Grandma and Grandpa- I love you and can't wait for those care packages- you always know how to make me smile. Linda and Richard keep in touch....Aunt Laura keep me posted on all the gossip...Wish I could be with you all...Love you!!

Today is just one of those days...

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