Monday, January 5, 2009

4oo days

Today started our 400 day deployment. It was a very sad day in my world and I'm sure I will never forget last night and this morning (my last moments with my husband). I cried, a lot...I mean how do you prepare yourself to say goodbye to the one you love the most. I tried to make the most of my last moments with Jason. I tried to make memories that would stain marks in my head until the next time I see him. I find myself afraid of what could happen to us, to our marriage after being away from each other and in a combat zone. But I try to keep myself as positive as possible and know God will always be there to answer my prayers. I thought a lot about the people with kids this morning while saying goodbye. I couldn't imagine having to goodbye to not only your spouse but to your child too. So for those out there with children who are, have been, will be deployed- you have my sympathy. It was raining today. I say it has something to do with God crying with us.

Well like I said today was the first of the 400 days of our deployment. We spent the day packing up the truck and making the final touches on the office. Tonight we're spending our time in the Hyatt hotel...not for very long though. We have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow, which starts at the crack...wait...way before the crack of dawn. Fort Dix here we come...BRRRR!!!